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Some of the most valuable IP on earth.

From Ideas to Icons

Each of our powerhouse brands started with someone from Mattel saying "What if" or "Why not".

  • Barbie: A 3-D fashion doll - why not?
  • Hot Wheels: What if we made a car where the wheels actually move?

We continued to push the boundaries of innovation until we had an entire empire of the world's most iconic toys. And we're not done, because we know that our next big idea can come from anyone here at Mattel. Maybe even you.


Since 1959, Barbie has been inspiring girls to be anything. With more than 200 careers – from princess to president, astronaut to zoologist – there isn't a glass ceiling Barbie hasn't broken.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels ignites and nurtures the challenger spirit that lives within every kid to help them reach their true potential through competition, experimentation and creativity. Exhilarating vehicle play allows them to develop the skills and confidence they need to take on the world.


American Girl


Thomas & Friends

Thomas & Friends introduces kids to the bigger world around them through the wonder and awe of trains, and provides a trusted friend for adventure and discovery. Our number 1 blue engine has been sparking imagination and curiosity for over 70 years through storytelling across books, movies, toys, apps, live events, and more.

Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket proves that big dreams can come in small packages, and even the littlest person can make the biggest difference.

Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe celebrates that each of us has something that makes us special – being funny, or fast, or smart (or even smelly, nerdy or goofy). What makes you unique can make you powerful!


UNO® brings families and friends together through fast-paced play that calls for quick decisions. The world’s most popular card game reminds us that when you've got something great, you should always shout about it!

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Check out Barbie’s many careers, from astronaut to firefighter to surgeon, and cultural moments that have been cornerstones of the brand to this day (hello, Barbie Dreamhouse!).